Setting up ‘Click and Collect’ in Shopify

Setting up click and collect for ecommerce

How to set up ‘Click and Collect’ in Shopify.

Click and Collect is a popular ecommerce option for retailers and customers. As shoppers demand faster, more convenient access to products, click and collect is fast becoming mandatory for retailers. Shoppers purchase items online and pick them up in-store or at a chosen collection point. Store employees gather and prepare the products for pickup and notify the customer when it is ready. Shoppers will then stop by the specified collection point with their proof of order confirmation and collect their items.

This service is also known as BOPIS, Curbside Collection, order and collect or ordering for pickup. Generally click and collect is free but in the US, some retailers charge for fast, drive by click and collect services.

How to set up click and collect

First, log in to your Shopify account.

Go to settings at the bottom right and click on Location. Here you can edit the location of the pickup. Make sure the box that says ‘fulfill online orders from this location’ is ticked. You can add more than one location and select which areas that offer click and collect.

Next, go back to settings and click on ‘Shipping and Delivery’. Scroll down to ‘Local Pickup’ and click manage. Tick the box in the Location Status section. Select the expected pickup time: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours, 2 – 4 days or 5+ days.

Write down any pickup instructions and messages for the customers. For example, any COVID restrictions and guidelines that customers should follow. Such as wearing masks and no more than x amount of people in the store. You can add in your store’s opening hours so that customers cannot come to collect outside of those hours.

Finally, click ‘Save’ at the top right and you should be good to go. Make sure to test it out to see if everything is working and the details are all correct. 

If you need help, you can know more at Shopify Help Center or contact Kelly.

Kelly Slessor is an Ecommerce coach and digital marketing expert passionate about helping retailers grow. As a thought leader, strategist and speaker, she has worked with world-leading companies. Companies include Westfields, Woolworths, Big W, Sainsbury’s, Gluestore and small independent brands and restaurants. 

Improve your google ranking

how to improve your Google ranking

Google has 4.3 billion users worldwide searching for businesses, products, and services every second of every day. The challenge is to stand out in the Google crowd.

Having an up-to-date Google My Business Page helps your business rank higher and provides your customers information with a single click. 

5 Ways to Enhance Google My Business 
1. Choose the right category. When you set up your profile choosing the right category will ensure the right customers find you. I recently worked with a Bakery, they chose cafe as their category; unfortunately, the area they were located in had over 50 cafes (they didn’t appear on page 1). We changed their categorization to Bakery, and they ranked number 3 in maps! Don’t forget you can also choose subcategories. 
2. Use good imagery, you will rank higher if you use your own images than if you use stock photography. Ensure you have a logo and cover image.
3. Add attributes – are you wheelchair accessible, female-owned, family-friendly?
4. Request Reviews – Get your customers to provide reviews and respond to them –  this increases your rankings, conversions, and sales. 
5. Post on your google my business page at least weekly, with up-to-date information and imagery.
google ranking reviews
Google My Business Messaging

Have you checked out Google Business Messaging? The way we communicate has changed: 75% of consumers now prefer to engage with a brand over private messaging channels versus traditional channels.

Google is actively promoting the chat functionality, and as with all things Google, I would highly recommend jumping on this trend.  

Unlike Google Glasses, O-O I think this trend will stick around, and they will continue to grow their capabilities in this area.  

It makes sense – if you can connect the customer to the product, brand OR person they need in the moment they need it, then the value of Google for small businesses will continue to increase.

I can’t believe we are not even halfway through March, and so much has happened already! I hope you and your families are safe and well.  
It is a reminder of how quickly things are moving, how much can change in a day, and how important digital connection is to the future of business. If I can help grow your digital channels, get you set up online, or create content that connects, please do not hesitate to reach out, book a strategy session or a call with me.